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Closed team Facebook pages (excluding Moddies) are created as a positive, informative way for the team and its associated officials to share relevant information about the team, the Nairne Footy Club and our sport.   


The club permits the following persons to be part of a team’s closed Facebook page:


-          Registered, current players of the team

-          Coach and assistant coaches of the team

-          Club Directors

-          Club Head Trainer and Team Trainer(s)

-          Team Manager(s)

-          Parents of players under 18

-          Regular weekly volunteers associated with the team who are registered with SportsTG and who genuinely require                    access to the   information posted

-          NBUFC Committee members


Potential new players who attend pre-season training will be permitted to join a NBUFC closed group but must register with SportsTG as soon as possible or may be removed by admin.


Photos and videos of games will be posted on NBUFC closed group pages.   If you do not wish for your image to be posted, please advise the administrators in writing.


Think before you post! What goes up can never really come down.  Please respect the privacy of others.


Treat your fellow group members and their opinions with respect.  Abusive posts and/or swearing will not be tolerated and group members displaying this kind of behaviour may be removed by admin.


Do not post graphic or disturbing photos, videos and other media on a NBUFC closed Facebook page. If you are not sure about the content that you want to post, speak to admin.


Please do not advertise non-football related material on closed pages without first seeking administrator permission.


The administrators of the page are the current Nairne Bremer United Football Club Committee.  If you have any issues about a closed page, please speak with a committee member.

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